Saturday, August 9, 2008

Web Hosting Reviews

There are many different choices out there for web hosting, and in order to provide a good web site for your Hits4Pay campaign, you must have a unique domain name, etc. To do this, we suggest you check out these sites:

ThinkHost Reviews
ThinkHost Reviews
Web Hosting Reviews
WebHostingPad Reviews
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BlueHost Reviews
HostMonster Reviews
HostGator Reviews
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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Building Hits4Pay downlines

There will always be those that want to just read the paid emails and collect their checks, which is absolute fine, but there are also those that want to refer others so that they can earn additional funds. The important part of building a downline is finding the correct niche of people. I've tried getting people to sign-up on forums that are designed for programs such as Hits4Pay because it was an obvious choice, but the problem with this became quite evident. I was choosing the obvious choice. These markets have already been tapped.

To get people that haven't heard of programs such as Hits4Pay to sign up you will need to expand your horizons and think of who would be interested in such a service. I've found the best luck in my own market (as a 19 year old college student). I have found that college students looking to earn a little money on the side are excellent markets for Hits4Pay and other paid to read programs. Once you've found your niche, find where they go online (in my case Facebook and MySpace) and exploit these markets. If you want to try marketing with myspace, I'd recommend you check my Squidoo Lens: Friend Blaster which is about the MySpace friend blaster program for helping you add additional friends.

For those that are somehow finding this post by itself, here's a signup link for Hits4Pay: Sign Up Here!

How to use Hits4Pay effectively

Hits4Pay is one of those programs that can far too easily become a watched pot; as are many paid to read programs. I have had many people come up to me and ask why they aren't earning that much money when they've been using the program for a week or so, in which case you probably won't have much more than a dollar above the $10 sign up bonus that comes with signing up under me (Sign Up Here!). My tip for today is that to make the most from Hits4Pay you should only check it once every few days, make a choice in whether you want to make it a laid back ritual where you make a few bucks on the side or something that you earn a good deal of money from. There are separate tactics that I will go into detail for each route, but here's a general overview for the three major categories of Hits4Pay users.

The casual hits4pay members: This is what 90% of Hits4Pay users that I've met would fit into, they read the emails and refer friends and family to the program if they like it but they aren't going over the top trying to earn too much off the program. They will earn a few dollars a month while not putting in much effort and will have a good time while doing it. This is the main base for those providing the ads for paid to read programs such as Hits4Pay.

The laid back affiliate marketers: I'd say that about 8% of the Hits4Pay users fit into this category, this is where I would rank myself. Laid back affiliate marketers spend about 15 minutes a day trying to get a few people to sign up under them with methods such as posting on forums, messageboards such as Yahoo, etc. They are probably signed up with other paid to read programs but have also found Hits4Pay to be the most profitable so they push it harder. They get a handful of people to join their downlines and hope that they continue to read emails, they read their paid emails once every two days or so just for efficiencies sake.

The super affiliate marketers: These are either obsessed individuals that really need the money, want to begin marketing bigger products, or simply have far too much time on their hands. These are the individuals that pay for all sorts of advertising and have counseling sessions with the members of their downlines to optimize referral profits. They don't even read their own paid emails because they would prefer to make money from Hits4Pay referrals. If you ask them for their name, they will hand you an affiliate link instead. They make up the additional 2% of the Hits4Pay base and I'd assume that a few of the more successful ones are earning around $10,000 a year.

Hits4Pay Review

This blog is written for those that are looking to make money, especially off paid to read or referral programs. The program this blog revoles around is called "Hits4Pay", if you'd like to check it out yourself, here's a link: Hits4Pay. It is a "paid to read" program meaning that you get paid per email that you read. It has the potential to make those that use it properly a good deal of money, I've talked with a few people that have downlines earning them $200-300 a month simply by having their referrals do actions for them. I'll add more later, for now the basic information is simple, sign up using the link provided above for hits4pay and you will receive a $10 signup bonus. After this, tell your friends about hits4pay review and make sure to check back often as I will keep this updated with my downline information, monthly earnings, tips and tricks, etc.